Business Intelligence & Analytics

It has become necessary for an organization to make information retrieval tools and methods an integral part of their operations to successfully leverage opportunities. It implies harnessing Technology driven Business Intelligence processes, managing existing technology and integrating it with new technology.

We at JIT together with our partner, OBSITECH-India deliver Business Intelligence solutions that fits into your business and decode thoughts into action. With our rich experience acquired over the years, we help you to focus on the Core Business and Strategic decisions and plan a road map in terms of turn-around time, cost savings and resource mobilization, among the other parameters for successful outsourcing of mission-critical applications.
OBSITECH, the decade-old company headquartered in Chennai (India), brings with it the legacy of intelligent technologies.

As an end-to-end solutions provider, JIT/OBSITECH address various business information needs and take you through the entire cycle of project implementation for OLTP Solutions, Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions, ERP Solutions, OLAP Solutions, Enterprise Application Integration Solutions and Database Migration/ Integration/ Management.

We have strategic alliances with leading Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing companies to provide all-inclusive solutions for your decision challenges. Moreover, we constantly monitor and update our skills to sustain technological competence stay ahead of the rapid changes in Business Intelligence technology to guarantee value addition for you.