Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)

Our advisors work with clients across industries to identify and reduce costs from operations – Business Process Services, IT and Knowledge Process Services. Our clients have been able to generate significant savings by using our scientific, objective and proven advice, tools and methodologies.

Our advisory services focus on:

Operational Improvement Strategies – Sustaining the competitive advantage and continuous improvement are the two key areas for an organization from an operations perspective.
We engage with our clients on multiple aspects of operations:

Health Check and Captive Turnaround

We use our proprietary health check framework encompassing – Strategy, People, Operations, Technology, Risk and Compliance to help clients assess the overall health of their operations.

We engage closely with the senior management to devise on sustainability and turnaround strategies to ensure they remain cost-competitive, attract and retain quality talent and provide superior service to their organizations.

Cost Optimization

We work with companies to help them analyze their cost structures, understand elements and cost drivers and work with them to build long-term strategies that enable them to effectively manage their costs and reduce costs on an ongoing basis.

Physical Asset Leverage

We work with companies to optimize the usage of infrastructure and technology assets to drive efficiency of usage, create significant bottom-line impact and business differentiators.

Human Capital Leverage

We advice our clients on multiple areas to help them effectively leverage Human Capital both from revenue maximization and cost optimization perspectives in terms of Ramping up/growth planning, Retention Strategy and on Organization Structure.